Eating Disordered Owl

For everyone suffering from disordered eating.

A few rules (just a few, I promise!)

1. No pro anything please (except pro-recovery of course!).

2. Stay recovery focused!

3. Please tag all triggering submissions.

Have fun, have a laugh and keep submitting!
submissions here!
No numbers or other non-recovery orientated memes please! If it’s triggering, please press the ‘trigger’ tag!

UPDATE JUNE 2013: please readbefore making a meme:
Meme generator has recently updated its site, and made it so that the memes are 300x300px. This is frustrating because the blog width is 500px so they are incredibly small. There is a way around this, though.
After making the meme, right click (ctrl+click on a mac) and “open in new tab” [alternatively just drag the picture onto your internet task bar and it should open in a new tab]. In the url, you will see “300x300” (image below):

Simply change the 300x300 to 500x500, hit enter and you will notice it is bigger! Save and submit, you’re done! :)
If you can’t work this out, just submit it to me as a 300x300 and I will fix it (but please try your best to resize it yourself because it saves me a lot of time!).

Meme generator link:

(please opt to do this as it saves me having to save the image and re-upload it including adding all tags)
1) Log out of tumblr and come back to this page.
2) The submit box will ask you for an email address. You can literally type any email, it doesn’t have to be a real one. It could be,,, etc.
3) Tag appropriately, then press submit.
Bam, that’s it! No username will appear.

If the meme generator isn’t working for you or you don’t want to make one, just send me the text you want on the meme in an ask and I’ll do it for you (it will take more time to be uploaded though as I can get quite busy!)

And please remember to click/tick the ‘eating disordered owl’ tag box when submitting otherwise I have to go through them all and add the tag myself! Thank you c: